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Buyer Ready

Prepare your home loan with success using our
Buyer Ready Pre-Approval Program. 

I, Karen Jones, Senior Certified Mortgage Loan Officer, am thrilled to offer a cutting-edge approach to home buying.  Our goal is to eliminate uncertainty from the lending process, empowering you to buy with confidence while allowing your offers to be as strong as a cash buyer!

What is Buyer Ready?  Buyer Ready is an innovative service program that I believe will revolutionize the mortgage lending industry, one homebuyer at a time. However, before delving into that, it's essential to understand the concept of Lender Failure.  Did you know that Loan Officers are not able to approve or deny loans?  Their role is to pre-qualify and guide homebuyers toward a purchasing plan that aligns with their financial objectives.  The actual approval or denial lies with the underwriter, typically received 5-7 days before closing when a complete loan package is delivered to them.

Lender failure is an undesirable outcome when a pre-qualification is granted, but the loan ultimately fails to close due to the underwriter's decision. This situation, which sadly takes place across the nation, creates financial distress and anxiety for everyone concerned. In my opinion, such instances of Lender Failure can and should be prevented, as there are actions a loan officer can proactively undertake to shield their clients from this regrettable scenario. The Buyer Ready Pre-Approval program is the key ingredient to home buying success!

The Buyer Ready Pre-Approval Program involves a thorough review of your financial documents before making offers.  This early process ensures all loan application verifications are completed by the processing team allowing the loan file to move smoothly to underwriting once a contract, appraisal and title work is obtained.  Once pre-approved, you can shop with confidence, knowing that securing a loan is no longer a concern, and your focus shifts to finding the perfect home. Your offers will be stronger in the marketplace!

Upon obtaining your Buyer Ready Pre-Approval, it is your responsibility to maintain your financial stability, as any alterations in your financial situation can lead to Buyer Failure and impact your pre-approval status. It is essential to stay vigilant about your finances and promptly notify your Loan Officer of any changes as well as advising your loan officer of any financial delinquencies with the IRS or judgements to protect your Buyer Ready Pre-Approval.

Furthermore, effective communication is key between the Loan Officer, REALTOR, and most importantly, the Buyer.  With Buyer Ready Pre-Approval, your offers will be robust, but they must align with your buying plan.  All parties should be well-informed about this plan to ensure your home purchase offer matches your loan file.

Ready to get started?  The first step is to undergo the Pre-Qualification process, creating a buying plan that suits your goals.  Understanding your numbers is vital and be sure to ask your questions, as any and all questions are excellent questions. Once you obtain your Needs List, gather all financial documents and submit to your lending team.

Buyer Ready Pre-Approval typically takes 72 hours, but it could extend up to 14 days if additional underwriting review is necessary.  Regardless, keeping your finances in order and everyone on your team informed is crucial.

When you're ready to make an offer, your Loan Officer will inform the Listing Agent of your strong Buyer Ready Pre-Approval or Credit-Approval status.  Once your offer is accepted, your loan is upgraded, and escrow begins.

Take the first step today and let's create your home-buying strategy with confidence.  It's the smartest way to buy a new home!


Steps to Success

In this video, we focus on the crucial first step of prequalification in the homebuying process. We'll explore what prequalification entails, why it's important, and what consumers can expect during this stage. From gathering necessary documents to understanding how prequalification impacts your homebuying journey, we'll provide you with the essential information you need to take this initial step towards homeownership confidently. Join us as we demystify prequalification and set you on the path to achieving your homeownership goals.